North Park Lexus offers great deals. The good times that follow are free.ELITE OF LEXUS AWARD FOR 22 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!LEXUSNEW 2018 LEXUSES 350 LEXUSIS 200T3.5L 272 HP VS Engine10-Way Driver's&Front Power Seatslntegrated Fog lampsLews Audio wXM&BluetoothLens Safety System PavRadar Cruise Costrol Lane2.0 Liter Tarbo Engne241 HPlasDiplaylai.with Color Saeenstelligent High BeamLenas Salety System PlasLEASE FOR ONLYRadar Cruise Contral Late Departare Alerte Collision Sprstem nteligent High BeamPOSTED SALE PRICEAPRSO31 MPG HWY8,63037,719LEASE FOR ONLYPOSTED SALE PROEPER MONTH/36 MONTHSPER MONH/36 MONTHSNEW 2018NEW 2018LEXUS NX 300 E 208LEXUS RX 350LEXUS GX 46020LTarbo 16-Valve DOHC3.5 iter 295HP-Speed Rato TransmssinLeus Entorm Safety Conmect29%APR6-Speed Automatic TrnsmissieBackap Camera&Splr Leus Display AudioLens Premisn Display AudiLeas Safety System PlasRadar Cuise Contrel Lane Departare AlertNO Radio wsritonfree trafficnd weather apdates&lanes TaccgPower Back Dr25 MPG HWYBackup CameraLEASE FOR ONLYLEASE FOR ONLYLEASE FOR ONLYPOSTED SALE PRICEPOSTED SALE PRICEPOSTIED SALE PRICE$336,804$44,644554,262PER MONTH36 MONTHSPER MONTH36 MONTHSNeRTH PARKneRTH PARK21531 l.H. lowest 61110 khill SelmaPOSTEDLEXUSPRICES osanFT Dominion San Antonio210-308-890. 210-816-6 LEDIMLoop 41OF SAn ANTOnio#NPLexusSAKAHLIG

Date: February 2, 2018

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This ad expired on
March 4, 2018 (318 days ago)

North Park Lexus of San Antonio

Auto / Auto Dealers

Call (210) 308-8900
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North Park Lexus offers great deals. The good times that follow are free. ELITE OF LEXUS AWARD FOR 22 CONSECUTIVE YEARS! LEXUS NEW 2018 LEXUS ES 350 LEXUS IS 200T 3.5L 272 HP VS Engine 10-Way Driver's& Front Power Seats lntegrated Fog lamps Lews Audio wXM&Bluetooth Lens Safety System Pav Radar Cruise Costrol Lane 2.0 Liter Tarbo Engne241 HP lasDiplaylai.with Color Saeen stelligent High Beam Lenas Salety System Plas LEASE FOR ONLY Radar Cruise Contral Late Departare Alert e Collision Sprstem nteligent High Beam POSTED SALE PRICE APR SO 31 MPG HWY 8,63037,719 LEASE FOR ONLY POSTED SALE PROE PER MONTH/36 MONTHS PER MONH/36 MONTHS NEW 2018 NEW 2018 LEXUS NX 300 E 208 LEXUS RX 350 LEXUS GX 460 20LTarbo 16-Valve DOHC 3.5 iter 295HP -Speed Rato Transmssin Leus Entorm Safety Conmect 29% APR 6-Speed Automatic Trnsmissie Backap Camera&Splr Leus Display Audio Lens Premisn Display Audi Leas Safety System Plas Radar Cuise Contrel Lane Departare Alert NO Radio wsritonfree traffic nd weather apdates&lanes Taccg Power Back Dr 25 MPG HWY Backup Camera LEASE FOR ONLY LEASE FOR ONLY LEASE FOR ONLY POSTED SALE PRICE POSTED SALE PRICE POSTIED SALE PRICE $336,804$44,644554,262 PER MONTH36 MONTHS PER MONTH36 MONTHS NeRTH PARK neRTH PARK 21531 l.H. lowest 61110 khill Selma POSTEDLEXUS PRICES osan FT Dominion San Antonio 210-308-890. 210-816-6 LEDIM Loop 41 OF SAn ANTOnio #NPLexusSA KAHLIG